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Iglesia Biblica de Lincoln
July 16, 2020, 9:28 PM

Iglesia Biblica de Lincoln

Marco Garcia is a Missionary Pastor and his church, Iglesia Biblica de Lincoln, recently joined the Sacramento Region Baptist Network.  I asked Marcos to share the exciting ways God is working in his ministry.  Pray with me that the Lord will continue to use Marco in a powerful way to reach the lost for Christ and minister to believers in his church.

At the end of 2016 in the city of Lincoln California  the population was around 54,000 habitants and 30% were Hispanic. In the same year in the city of Lincoln, there were about twenty-seven English speaking churches, and only three were Spanish speaking; The Mormon Church or LDS, The Jehovah Witness and The Catholic Church. In September of 2016 the Lord moved me and my family (wife Luz Elena, son Marco Jr 14 yrs. old, Daniel 12 yrs. old) from Los Angeles California to the City of Lincoln. 

We are the first-generation missionary family and first-generation Christians ever; we came to Lincoln to start the first Spanish speaking church and to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I’ve learned from personal experience and from other pastors that the Lincoln Hispanic community is mostly Mexican or Mexican descent and are extremely attached to their religion, tradition and culture; such as worshiping idols, saints, Virgin Mary or Virgin of Guadalupe among others acts of idolatry that are part of the Mexican culture, tradition and religion in a big way.

In the second week of January of 2017 after hosting several Bible studies at home and doing visitations around town, and promoting our new Spanish speaking Gospel center church, we began our first church service ever. We were excited and expecting people to come to our first service but the only attendees we had that day was my wife Luz Elena who also sings, my son Daniel who plays guitar, Marco Jr. who was collecting the offerings and myself; to preach to my family and to a bunch of empty chairs. This was the norm for the next six months. 

My wife and I were thinking and talking about having made the wrong decision by leaving our stability in Los Angeles, our jobs, my wife’s business, all of our friends and our church family; and nothing to show for here in Lincoln. Our morale was down. My wife and I shed our first tears in the ministry, and at that time we learned that it was going to take an act of God to see people coming to church, hear the Gospel message and be saved (John 12:32).

In August of 2017 people began coming to our church Sunday service on a regular basis, and at one point the room was full, about 45 people. Since then, we’ve baptized seven new members in 2019, we had a family camp in 2018, and every year we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together; our last Christmas celebration included around 65 people. 

Now, the new Christians are sharing Christ, talking about our church, making invitations to our church, and some have offered their homes for me to go and to take the Gospel message to their friends that they have invited to hear God’s word.  

I know this pandemic has sent us many steps back in our mission and church planting progress, but I know that we will rebuild the church, and complete the job ahead because, The Lord Jesus is with us and we have a secure victory in his name. 

Missionary Pastor 
Marco A. Garcia 
Iglesia Biblica de Lincoln
916 886 9199

Looking forward,

Ron Prosise
SRBN Director of Ministry

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