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This week we're taking a look at leadership. We've found many great articles and resources to share with you. The church, more than ever, needs servant leaders filled with the wisdom of God directed by the Holy Spirit.
Leadership, if you think about it, is really all about investment. Leaders have committed to invest their time and energy, wisdom and abilities, to help others grow and, in turn, invest their lives in service. Like John Maxwell says, "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

  • As leaders in the church, we are investing in eternity. A common way to say it today is, we are pouring into other's lives. The Bible says to spur one another on to good works, to build up one another, and many other "one anothers" that all center on the most important "one another" which is love one another.
  • We can only invest what we have. We cannot give to others what we don't have. Our faith must be real, growing, and bearing fruit. We must be life-long learners if we want to be life-long teachers and leaders.
  • We invest for the approval from an audience of One. God is our only audience. Yes, we love the approval of others, and it is often a blessing. However, we know that sometimes our efforts and best intentions are criticized and rejected. If we remember we serve an audience of One, we can find the joy and strength to keep going and to never grow weary in well-doing.

Here are 9 great articles and 1 podcast for you:
What Really Constitutes a "Leadership Culture?"
by Linda McGuigan, February 20, 2017 for The John Maxwell Co.
If we define culture to be the values and behaviors that govern an organization, then we can adequately discuss the immense power of a leadership culture in terms of how managers and executives approach and perform leadership (or fail to) within it.
Leadership is not a position, but a process. It doesn’t just happen, but is shaped. If companies want to build a culture of leadership and mutual respect across all layers, then they need to heavily invest in their people – both with financial resources and time. Start with building a clear set of values and watch your leaders blossom before your eyes.
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What Motivates Millennial Leaders? by Paul Alexander, February 28, 2017
If you have any millennials on your church staff you know that they’re different. And while many traditional church leaders are quick to equate a different approach with being a wrong approach, wise leaders know that different just means different. Not necessarily wrong. In fact it could even be better. Millennials can, will and are doing some amazing ministry.
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Stay Encouraged by Albert Tate for Follow the GLS
As a leader in a fast-paced society, how practical it is to continue investing in yourself while also supporting others?
After years in ministry, I have learned that above anything else, the most important gift you can give to yourself as a leader is to stay encouraged.
Whether a leader in the business sector, your home or the classroom, keeping yourself encouraged is an indispensable gift you can not afford to lack.
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One of the Most Misunderstood Things Leaders Must Deal With: Delegation by Brian Dodd on Leadership, February 20, 2017
One of the most confusing things leaders deal with is the subject of delegation. How much do you delegate? Who do you delegate to? After delegating, how involved should you remain? When do you take something back?
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Empowering the Saints for Service and Ministry by Loren L. Fenton for Ministry Journal (This is actually an older article from 2000 written for Seventh-Day Adventist pastors, but it is a very good article and still timely)
Empowerment is a popular buzzword used in business and management circles these days.
Business leaders face the ever-daunting challenge of inspiring their employees to maximize production and enhance the company's bottom line. Many wise managers have discovered that their success is dramatically increased when they empower the people closest to a task with (1) broad, autonomous decision-making authority, (2) sufficient resources, and (3) all the appropriate training needed to do the work. Business firms founded and operated on these kinds of principles are creating shockwaves of productive change in the world of commerce.
Although the church is by no means a business per se, church leaders can learn much from the experience of successful business operations. The single most difficult task confronting a local church pastor is to put the members to work in an effective, meaningful ministry. The purpose of this article is to explore how that can be done in such a way that members are inspired and empowered for a lifetime of service and ministry.

The Most Common Leadership Blind Spot--That Nobody Discusses by Terry Linhart, February 23, 2017 for Outreach Magazine
The emotional side of life is one of the most common areas leaders and their supervisors tend to ignore—to their own detriment. It’s also the area where people problems exist, the kind that others have difficulty talking to us about.
How do we notice and handle our emotions? Those who develop and supervise others in ministry will tell you that emotional maturity will make or, in its absence, break a leader’s success in ministry. Gordon Smith argues that emotional maturity should be a central concern for Christians: “We do not mature in our Christian experience unless we mature emotionally. What happens to us emotionally is not peripheral but central to our religious experience. To put it bluntly, people who are out of touch with their emotions are out of touch with God, for God speaks to us through the ebb and flow of our emotional life.”
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7 Must-Have Strategies to Empower Your Leaders by Tony Morgan, January 4, 2012 for ChurchLeaders
1. Agree on the vision and values, and let your leaders make decisions.
2. Invite conflict privatley. Demand unity publicly.
3. Hold Leaders responsible for outcomes rather than dictating the execution.
4. Determine what the team needs to process together and what you need to monitor together.
5. Give leaders ownership and accountability.
6. Invest time in the future rather than urgent needs.
7. Expect your team to look outside the organization for opportunities and threats.
Read the article here.

3 Killlers of Effective Leadership by Pete Scazzero, February 27, 2017 for Outreach Magazine
1. Fog
When we don't see clearly where we are, wehre we ar egoing and how we are going to get there, leadership (and life, I may add) is hard...
2. Fatigue
Our bodies are major not minor prophets. When we are physically, spiritually or emotionall drained, God is speaking. Slow down. Take a nap. Work less. Go away for a few days...
3. Flirtations
Flirtations refer to ideas and projects we shouldn't be involved in right now. We go to a conference and hear about exciting initiatives. We read about other mnistries expanding into new arenas. We hear about how other leaders are growing their churches. And we become stuck in what Eugene Peterson calls "ecclesiastical pornography."...
Read the article here.

A Guide to 25-Minute Meetings: Planning a productive (and short) meeting in which everyone gets a voice by John Brandon for Managing Your Church
For many church leaders, meetings have become a way of life. They discuss strategy, rally the troops to talk about an upcoming event, and meet with the deacon board to plan a building expansion.
There are a few problems with this way of life, however. Meetings tend to ramble on. Many spin out of control, following one rabbit trail after another. They can even create a sense of unease--that you'll be wasting precious time discussing trivial topics.
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How to Find & Unleash Leaders for Your Church ith David Crank [Podcast]

March is Women's History Month. Christian Leader Learning is offering a class on Women Leaders from the Past taught by Dr. Melody Maxwell. The CWLC's Certificate Program is a nine course program on developing leadership skills. Learn more here.

Job & Ministry Opportunities
Youth Minister Needed
Hillsdale Boulevard Baptist Church, a local church, is looking for a highly-motivated individual that is passionate about Christ and Youth.  This individual must be a committed Christian with a strong desire to see students grade 7-12 come to know Christ and mature in their faith. 
Responsibilities will include teaching Sunday School, leading Wednesday night evening Bible study, planning/overseeing youth activities and outings, recruiting and training volunteer leaders, and developing a strong youth outreach program. This individual will work closely with pastoral staff and must be a team player. Position is part-time, 20 hours per week. 
Please submit resumes to for consideration.

Youth Leader Internship
First Baptist Church of Winters (FBCW) is seeking a Youth Leader Intern.
The job requires about 15 hours of work each week, offers a competitive salary along with a generous budget for Youth activities. The youth group consists of 10-20 students at the Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday gatherings.
For more information, contact the church at 530-795-2821 or

Education Internship
Education internship with stipend, housing, and airfare at Lake Tahoe, California
August 9 through December 22, 2017
4 Preschool interns and 4 School age interns needed.
We are looking for energetic, diligent, and happy people to join our team. We need leaders who possess strong character, are teachable, and who have a heart for working with children.
We will tain you and invest in your life. All of our lead staff have been either summer or semester staff. You will work with a team of eight other college students.
For more information, contact Debbie Wohler at 530-583-2925 or 530448-9359 or
Apply at:

Youth Director
New Hope Community Church (NHCC) in South Sacramento is searching for a part time (20 hr/wk) youth director. The position will report directly to the senior pastor and offers a competitive salary and some flexibility of work hours. The intent is to grow the position to full time and eventually a pastoral position. Some Bible college or seminary study is a plus, and candidate must be a self-starter.
For a full job description and other information, please contact NHCC board of deacons:
Board of Deacons
New Hope Community Church
1821 Meadowview Road
Sacramento, CA  95832

Bi-Vocational Pastor
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church is located in Northern California east of the city of Lincoln.  Led by the Spirit we seek to be a light house to our community desiring to reach our community for Christ. 
We believe in the fundamentals of the Christian faith, lean toward Calvinist doctrine, and believe in the eternal security of the believer.  We are a loving, praying church and support mission work throughout the world.  We seek to be a church for all age groups. 
We are seeking a bi-vocational pastor to lead our church.  The salary, days, and hours are negotiable. If you feel led by God to lead our church, please send your resume to Curt Simpson at
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
2384 Garden Bar Road
Lincoln, CA 95648

5-12  Week of Prayer for North American Missions

11    VBS Discovery Day at LifeWay Store
10 am - 4 pm
free in-store event; no registration required
2659 Alta Arden Expy, Sacramento

18    Training for starting Good News Clubs
Child Evangelism Fellowship
9 am - Noon
Community Bible Church
601 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA

24-26 Women's Retreat
Camp Alta
Register here

30   Revive Conference
9 am-3 pm (registration beings at 8:30)
El Camino Baptist Church, Sacramento
$10 (includes lunch)
Register online:

30   Movie: Facing Darkness
A true story of faith: saving Dr. Brantly from ebola in Africa
in theaters

31-4/1 Disaster Relief Spring Training
In Auburn
Register online at

7   Movie: The Case for Christ
Beginning April 7 in theaters

7    God With Us: Live Musical Simulcast
7 pm MT, Live from Pikes Peak Center in Colorado
God with Us combines live musical drama with film on stage. A unique experience of a timeless story for your church.
watch the trailer here:
More information:

8    New Love Ministries Priscilla Shirer Simulcast
9 am - 4:30 pm (registration begins at 8 am)
Citrus Heights
$25 per person (group discounts available)

22   SRBN VBS Clinic
El Camino Baptist Church
9 am to 1 pm (registration begins at 8:30 am)
register online

24-26 Pastor and Ministry Leader Retreat
Jenness Park Christian Camp
$150 per person
register at

28-29 Prayerwalking Seminar
"Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Community"
led by Jerry McCullah
El Camino Baptist Church
Friday: 6-9 pm  (Dinner at 6 pm)
Saturday: 9-Noon

5-7  Father Son Retreat
Jenness Park Christian Camp
Bonus day - May 4th
$55 per person

11-22 Kenya Mission Trip
International Commission
Contact Sonia Burnell at; 916-784-2372

19-21 Ministers' Wives Retreat 2017
Jenness Park Christian Camp
$179 through April 15 (after 4/15, the cost is $200)

21-28 Associational Missions Emphasis (AME)
Week of Prayer and Mission Emphasis

18-22 Middle & High School Camp Session 1
Camp Alta

27-29 Hope Renewed/Purpose Driven 2017
Pastor/Church Leader Event, So. Cal. 






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