Network News - October 6, 2017
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Network News - October 6, 2017

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and victims of the shooting in Las Vegas.
We continue to pray for those affected by the recent hurricanes and fires.
Please join us in also praying for the First Responders and the Disaster Relief teams that are currently in these areas trying to help. 
We also lift up Rocklin Academy families and Christian teachers trying to live out their faith and convictions in a difficult situation.
May the Lord heal our hearts and our land. Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14, NLT)

Just like many of you, I found myself at a loss for words this week after the attack in Las Vegas. It's hard to wrap my mind around why anyone would choose to do such a thing. And if you're thinking about this tragedy, there's no question that the people in your small groups are thinking about it, too. I'm taking solace in the fact that our God is bigger than all of this, that he's able to be present with each and every person hurting, and that one day he will bring an end to all of this hurt.

Even with that, though, my logical brain wants to make sense of the news. To help you minister to people in your small group this week, we've made one of our classic resources free for everyone: Answering Tough Questions. It won't answer all of your group members' questions, but our hope is that it will help you minister well in these tough times.

You'll also want to read our free article, "When the News Is Too Much to Bear." For going deeper as a group on this topic, I recommend our Bible studies "Feeling Betrayed by God," and "Why Do Bad Things Happen?"

Update on CSBC Disaster Relief:
CSBC DR responds to Hurricane Harvey
CSBC Disaster Relief ministries are in full swing with Hurricane Harvey deployments in the Houston area.

“Please continue to pray for the individuals and families experiencing loss as a result of the storm,” Mike Bivins requested. He is California Southern Baptist Convention volunteer mobilization specialist. “Also pray for the safety of work and travel for our volunteer teams.”

Bivins noted that the California feeding response is winding down, but more teams are needed for cleanup and mud-out work. In Katy, a mud-out team working with the Texas Baptist Convention has assessed more than 200 homes needing work.


As of Sept. 26, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief ministries responding to Hurricane Harvey had:

  • prepared 1.54 million meals;
  • provided nearly 22,000 showers through their shower units;
  • done nearly 14,000 loads of laundry in laundry units; and
  • seen 238 make professions of faith in Christ.

For more Disaster Relief information visit the CSBC website where there are schedules for upcoming training events and DR activities. A special DR training event is being conducted on Monday afternoon before activities begin as part of the CSBC Annual Meeting in Riverside.

Monetary donations are needed. Please give to Disaster Relief.

CSBC offers resume and pastor search service

California Southern Baptist Convention provides an online resume and search committee service for ministers and church search teams. Ministers may submit their resume and biographical information online, which is shared with inquiring congregations according to the minister's instructions.

CSBC also provides biographical information on prospective ministers to inquiring pastor search teams. Search committees should complete the online search committee profile, then CSBC staff will provide a list of candidates matching the criteria.

Click here to start the process.

CSBC offers health insurance for your pastor and full-time staff
The California Southern Baptist Convention Health Plan is a new initiative restoring the ability of member congregations to pay for the health insurance benefits they want to provide for their pastors and other full-time employees without creating an income tax liability. The plan is available to all CSBC churches and will conduct its inaugural open enrollment between November 14 and December 1, 2017.

Since January 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), has made it unlawful for churches to pay for or reimburse individual employees for their health insurance premiums outside of a group health plan. Obamacare attached stiff penalties for violating the regulations.

However, CSBC has created a fully insured employer-sponsored health plan open to all affiliated churches and entities of CSBC. The plan allows enrollment for:

  • Pastors, regardless of the number of hours worked for the church or sources of income, and their family members, and
  • All full-time church employees working 30 hours per week or more.

Churches are required to pay a portion of each participant’s coverage as an employee benefit. Most importantly, the plan allows pastors and employees to obtain their health insurance with 100 percent pre-tax money.

This is an employer-sponsored health plan unlike any other! The CSBC Health Plan no longer forces participants and their family members to choose from one or two insurance plans, usually offered based on cost. Instead, nearly every plan available in the geographic area in which a person lives or works will be available for enrollment.

This allows each participant to choose the plan that most closely meets his or her health care needs. This means each person in a household could actually be covered by a different insurance company with a unique level of benefits. Essentially, it’s an individual health insurance shopping experience in an employer-sponsored, pre-tax environment.
Learn more here.

Can Pastors Still Be Shepherds? from Buliding Church Leaders
Scan online biographies of contemporary pastors, and you'll see plenty of "leaders." You'll even spot some self-described "visionaries" and maybe the odd "cultural architect." But what the church needs more than ever is shepherds.

That's the dominant metaphor in Scripture and while it lacks the sizzle of some modern nomenclatures, it expresses the intimate style of watch care pastors should have with those placed in their care.
Here are some resources available: 
1. Being a Shepherd LeaderA shepherd leader knows the flock. This 34-page resource is designed to help you establish a shepherding ministry or strengthen the structure you already have in place.
2. Podcast: 5 Simple Ways to Improve as a Church Leader from Thom S. Rainer
Some highlights from the episode:

   Bad leaders are stingy with knowledge. Good ones share what they know.
   One sign of insecurity is withholding information from others.
   Don’t expect more effort from those you lead than what you’re willing to put in yourself.
   The number one challenge of leaders is having followers.
   For church staff members, encouragement from the senior pastor is critical.
   Sometimes a leader needs to be a fire marshal, not a fire fighter.
   Too much of church life is “fire fighting.”

The five ways you can improve as a church leader that we cover in this episode are:
   By sharing your knowledge.
   By raising the bar of expectations.
   By shifting from a discouraging posture to an encouraging posture.
   By becoming proactive change agents instead of reactive change agents.
   By encouraging cooperation rather than competition.
Podcast: Seven Characteristics of Proactive Pastors from Thom S. Rainer
4. Blog post: The Calling and Role of a Pastor by Brandon Cox

Are You An Inspirational Leader? from Brian Dodd on Leadership
Determining Our Inspirational Quotient: (answer Y or N)

  1. Do we offer a breath of fresh air here?
  2. Do we primarily offer good news?
  3. Do people sincerely enjoy being here?
  4. Is it fun to be here?
  5. Is this a positive environment?
  6. Do people think often of this place when they are not here?
  7. Are inspired people bringing new people to connect with us?
  8. Am I growing and being developed here?
  9. Are people’s lives and relationships strengthened because they have been here?
  10. Do we use people to get the work done or use the work to get people done?

Count your Yes’s and No’s. Did you pass? Did you excel? Today, commit to becoming more of a cultural architect in your leadership and mainstay or organization.
Commit to being a positive leader that brings a breath of fresh air into every meeting and experience. Talk as a team about how you could become more of an inspirational culture.
However, it all starts with me right here and right now. So pause when you finish reading this, pick out one person around here…and inspire them because…
Great leaders inspire people.
Read the full article here.
Other articles from Biran Dodd on Leadership that you may want to check out:

The Most Important Thing Leaders Bring to a Hurting World
20 Signs of Maturity for Young Leaders 
and two more about developing leaders from CTPastors:
Developing Future Leaders 
Unleashing the Leaders around You

Pastor as Coach and Shepherd? Yeah, Right. (From a Real FB Convo) by Karl Vaters for Christianity Today

When someone sneers "A pastor that helps you define anything other than who would lead a committee! HA! Good one," let's listen before responding.
Are pastors supposed to be shepherds any more? Or is that idea passé?
If so, have we replaced it with something better? Or worse?
What if we had some raw, unsolicited opinions from the people who matter? Namely, the people in our churches – or those who have left.
We do. If we’ll listen.

Recently, a friend of mine alerted me to a conversation that was happening on his Facebook page about exactly this subject. So I’ll pass it along to you. With some commentary from me.
What Happened to the Pastor as Shepherd?

Here’s what my friend posted:
“Have received 2-3 Facebook & LinkedIn invites to connect recently from a few ‘Professional Certified Life Coach(es)’. Isn’t that the biblical role of a PASTOR? Someone who helps you define your strengths & weaknesses, holds you personally accountable for your life choices & behavior, is there for you through thick & thin?”

In response, he got a handful of positive responses, including one “Preach, brother!” from a pastor.

But he got these responses as well:
“I don’t know what church you go to or have been to but I don’t know any pastor who can do what a life coach does. At least not in the personalized way a coach does. Life coaching encompasses all kinds of things, some personal, some spiritual, some career or vocation-related.”

Okay, I get where that’s coming from, to an extent. Not every pastor will have the skills to deal with every specific behavioral issue. But neither will most life coaches or counselors.

I find it interesting and more than a little sad that this person doesn’t know of “any pastor who can do what a life coach does.” If so, why is that? That’s the premise of my friend’s original post, after all – that this is what pastors are supposed to be doing.

Then came another response:
“Well, as I understand coaching, it’s all about asking good questions and allowing a person to form their own answers. Many Pastors I have known seem to feel they have all the answers, so the questions don’t matter.”

Ouch! That turns the heat up a little and, quite frankly, it stings!

At least this person believes that applies to “many” pastors, not all. But still…ouch!

Then came this comment:
“…that is hilarious. A pastor that helps you define anything other than who would lead a committee! HA! Good one. Nowadays if you are a ‘pastor’ the only spiritual gifting your church wants is administration. Churches are corporations in search of a CEO/CFO type. They certainly don’t want Jesus.”

Oh my.

That anger feels like some deep hurt, cloaked in protective sarcasm.

I think it also represents the feelings of more people than we may realize. Especially those who have left our churches.

What Changed about Pastoring? And Why?

My friend wisely responded to those comments this way:
“My late father, a pastor for 30 years & minister for 46 years, demonstrated all the attributes I described in my original post. And he certainly didn’t define who was going to lead a committee. He counseled people, prayed for them, laughed & cried with them, held them accountable. Set them straight when needed, hugged them when that was best, went to the hospital when they were sick or dying. Dedicated their babies. Buried them when they were old. Was both tough & tender. And prayed for wisdom & instruction from God to lead & speak…and cast vision.

“What’s wrong with that? Perhaps in his old school way my dad fit the role. Maybe the role in the last 20-30 years has changed so radically that a pastor doesn’t coach anyone anymore. Maybe. Quick 2 point sermon w/ motivational quotes, then shove them out the door for the 2nd service crowd. But that doesn’t negate the New Testament role of people who are called to be a pastor.”

God bless my friend’s dad and so many like him. Including my dad, who was that kind of hands-on shepherding pastor, too.

But what about that last paragraph? Has the pastoral role really changed from shepherd to CEO that dramatically in the last generation? And is that change what’s causing the cynicism in this conversation?

The conversation went on. In response to my friend’s testimony about his dad, someone wrote this:
“Been looking for a pastor and church that mirrors your post for over thirty years. Seems today life coaches and therapists who ask questions without offering much input are good paying professions, but they are by no means fully committed to the people who they mentor. They are paid by the hour. They are paid to listen. Old time Pastors served and tended to those in their congregations. It makes me sad to think about.”

This is as far as the conversation had gone when I was made aware of it.
The Pastor People Want and Need
Challenging. Frustrating. Real. Sad.
That’s what hit me as I read my friend’s Facebook stream.

Then I added this:
“What you’ve described sounds like what I do every day as a pastor. Anyone who thinks pastors don’t do that any more may need to find a church with a pastor like you’ve described. We’re not hard to find. There are a lot of us. And it’s interesting that the only other person on this thread who I know is a pastor, was the one who gave you a well-deserved two-word answer, ‘preach, brother!’

“I probably don’t do it as well as your dad did, but your description of him is what a lot of us ascribe to be. We’re not just CEOs and administrators who give pat answers. In fact, a lot of us have tried that route and have found it wanting, so we’ve taken the mentor/coach route instead.”

That was followed quickly by this, from a new person:
“What an interesting thread. Makes me appreciate how blessed we’ve been for all the great pastors in our lives who have truly had the gift of pastoring, not just the title.”

Then someone else came in with these words of affirmation:
“While I think pastors at times fall short of the mark, it’s also easy for lay people to point elsewhere rather than answering the call to be the same. That’s what the footprint, the aroma, the life of the church is supposed to be wherever we are – and many pastors and believers are doing just that.

“What would it be like if the world around us was continually amazed and commenting on the life of churches in communities everywhere, because this was the exact perception?”

The last time I checked, the last comment in the stream was this:
“Exactly, beautiful.”

What Can Pastors Learn From This?
What’s happening here?

My knee-jerk reaction is to say that this skepticism has happened because our corporate/rancher/pastor-as-CEO model has overtaken the relational/shepherd/pastor-as-caregiver model. That the shepherd model is not just a good-old-days longing, but the core need people seek from their church and pastor.

But I also know some great churches built on the pastor as CEO model, too.
So I don’t know what the answer is. But I do know this.
Conversations like this are worth having. And listening to. And learning from.
This article first appeared on on December 10, 2016. Used by permission of Christianity Today, Carol Stream, IL 60188.

Five Reasons “Followship” Must Transcend Leadership by Todd Gaddis

It seems that everywhere I turn these days for information and inspiration, the emphasis is on leadership. Books on leadership make up a sizable portion of the Christian non-fiction market. Blogs on the subject abound. A recent Facebook posts screams: “The church is desperate for good leaders.” No doubt that’s true; yet I submit to you that the church stands in greater need of good followers.

I figured I was on to something when recently coming across this quote from Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy: “To excel at leadership you must first master followership.” Cathy’s long-time associate and President of the company Jimmy Collins turned what he learned into a recent book titled, Creative Followership.

With that in mind, I believe that “followship” must take precedence over leadership if the church expects to maximize its influence and growth. Here are five reasons why.

Jesus emphasized following far more than leading.

Calling His first disciples, He said, “Come follow Me” (Matthew 4:19). Later, Jesus proclaimed, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24). The disciples spent three years following before assuming leadership positions.
Read the full article here.

Great Leaders Live by Strong Convictions by Pastor Rick Warren
The real foundation of great leadership is character, not charisma. And one aspect of a leader’s character is the convictions to which he is deeply committed. Great leaders have strongly held beliefs. An opinion is something you’d argue about; a conviction is something you’d die for. Pastors, especially, must define the convictions for which they will endure every kind of hardship, and the only way to stand for those kinds of convictions is to live from a deep sense of God’s calling.

If God has called you to the task of leadership, nothing can stop you. Your identity rests in your relationship with him, not the approval of the people you are leading or the watching world around you. Instead of living in the comparison trap or the fear of what people will think, you must develop your convictions – theological, ethical, and practical – and stand by them.

Believe in advance that your convictions will be tested from at least eight angles:

1. Derision. When you’re in leadership, one of the first ways people will try to get you to deny your conviction is to make fun of you. Your convictions may very well be a punchline at times.

2. Discouragement. One of the enemy’s most powerful weapons is discouragement. Why? Because convictions, by their very nature, require courage to uphold. Discouragement usually comes at the halfway point when you’re halfway done with the project or halfway up the mountain.
Continue reading.
Another article from Rick Warren you may want to read: How to Have a Ministry of Building People

Job & Ministry Opportunities
Annual (Senior) Adult Conference
Cande Ackler sent a report from the recent 11th Annual Adult Conference with a request for the 12th Annual Conference:
First Baptist Church of Orangevale has hosted this meeting for the past eleven years, and 2017 was one of the best we have had.

During the three days, we had a barbecue on Sunday afternoon followed by music led by John McDaniel and the worship team from Orangevale, and a presentation by Dr. Carl Morgan, Director and Curator of the Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaelogy.  Dr. Morgan also spoke on Monday and Tuesday mornings.  Early sessions on Monday and Tuesday included a presentation by the California Highway Patrol of their “Age Well Drive Smart” program for drivers age 65 and older.  The Senior Ombudsman from California Department of Motor Vehicles provided invaluable information for the senior driving community.  On Tuesday morning, representatives of First Call Hospice presented great information about the concepts involved in hospice care for patients of all ages approaching the end of life.
The conference was well attended  by representatives from seventeen churches, with 83 on Sunday evening, 64 on Monday, and more than 40 on Tuesday.  Of course great fellowship occurred during the lunches after each morning session.
Orangevale has enjoyed hosting the past eleven years of conferences, but is seeking another church to host the meetings in 2018.  Any church group interested in hosting may contact Richard Ackler, Senior Adult Ministries Coordinator at First Baptist Church of Orangevale, at (916)601-6017, or email

Pulpit Available
First Bapitst Church of Lincoln has a good solid wood pulpit available to any church which may have a use fo rit. Call 916-645-2428 or email  First come-first served.

Urgent Need: Preschool Teacher Interns
Teachers needed wot tork with the preschool program at Lake Tahoe. Teachers must be studying or have a dregree in Early Childhood, Child Life, Child Development, or Human Development and Family Studies. You need 12 semester hours in any combination fo these types of classes to qualify as a preschool intern. Round-trip air fare, housing, food money,a nd local ministry-related transportation provided plus a $500 monthly stipend. 
For more information: Debbie Wohler Reasoner-Internship Coordinator: 530-448-9359 (Eastern Time) or, Jayme Blanton, A+ Director: 530-583-1534 (Pacific Time) or, Pastor Scott Capshaw: 530-583-7458 (Pacific Time) or  

Live-In Home Health Care Helper
A pastor from Suisun whose parents live in Sacramento needs to find 24/7 live-in assistance for his mother and her husband. Please contact Pastor Richard Guy from Grace Baptist Church of Suisun. His number is 707-290-3200.

Children's Ministry Volunteers
New Seasons church has a need for temporary/short term volunteers in their children’s church ministry.
Trained, experienced volunteers with proper clearances, and pastor approval preferred.
For more information contact Pastor Ron Jackson – 619-540-9294 or

Youth Leader Internship
First Baptist Church of Winters (FBCW) is seeking a Youth Leader Intern.
The job requires about 15 hours of work each week, offers a competitive salary along with a generous budget for Youth activities. The youth group consists of 10-20 students at the Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday gatherings.
For more information, contact the church at 530-795-2821 or

Youth Director 
New Hope Community Church (NHCC) in South Sacramento is searching for a part time (20 hr/wk) youth director. The position will report directly to the senior pastor and offers a competitive salary and some flexibility of work hours. The intent is to grow the position to full time and eventually a pastoral position. Some Bible college or seminary study is a plus, and candidate must be a self-starter.

For a full job description and other information, please contact NHCC board of deacons:
Board of Deacons
New Hope Community Church
1821 Meadowview Road
Sacramento, CA 95832  

Unique Mission Project Opportunity: Supporting Seminary Students and Persecuted Christians in Myanmar
What your church can do:
1. Show a five-minute video in your service about the ministry
2. Have 1-2 leaders/contact persons to lead this project in your church who can explain the importance of this project and what it is accomplishing and who can oversee the sell of the bracelets used to raise the money as well as forward the money to The Church on the Rock in Canada. (See below for more details). (If you are near the Sacramento area, we can provide a leader/speaker to coordinate with your church if you are willing to let us come and share).
3. Commit to sell at least 100 bracelets. (They are really beautiful and are hand-made by the families in Myanmar).
4. Contact Claudia Wreyford at 916-944-2225 with any questions or to adopt this project in your church.
The Church on Cypress in Carmichael has partnered with The Church on the Rock in Canada for many years. We need churches who, as part of their mission activities, would be willing to join us in supporting the mission churches in Myanmar. This project provides financial support for a lay pastor seminary (training 70-90 men from 15 outlying villages) as well as aiding Christian families being persecuted there. 
The families are making Kumihimo (braided) Bracelets which will then be offered for sale through churches here in the US. 100% of all monies collected go to the mission in Myanmar. There are no administrative costs. All work here is done by volunteers. 
We currently have 1,000 bracelets ready for sale, we just need your help by including this as one of your mission projects.  Here are links to both the informational video available for your use and to pictures/information on the Myanmar Mission activities:
Click here: Myanmar Mission Pictures Or: 

Many Christian movies are in theaters or are coming to theaters this fall! It's exciting to see family-friendly movies in theaters! Here is a list of the ones we know about:

Steve McQueen: American Icon - two encore presentations October 10 and October 19
Let There Be Light in theaters October 27
The Price of Fame in theaters November 7
The Star: The Story of the First Christmas in theaters November 17 (If you would like a pre-screening preview on 10/21 in Rocklin, please email Terrie at and request the link. This is for ministry leaders only, and you can bring one guest and up to three children with you).

5-7   Beth Moore - Living Proof Live and You Lead Training

        More information:  or
        or call 800-254-2022

6-8    Basic Literacy Missions ESL Workshop - San Jose

6-8   Mother/Daughter Retreat at Jenness Park
        Pricing, details, and online registration at

11    Will and Trusts Seminar in Atwater, CA

11    Free Seniors & Caregivers Community Resource Fair
        St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church
        at Dr. Ephraim Williams Family Life Center
        4036 14th Avenue, Sacramento

13    SRBN Youth Leaders Meeting, 6pm
        El Camino Baptist Church, 2805 El Camino Ave., Sacramento
        For more info: Gregory Horton, 415-684-4549, 

13-23  Malawi Mission Trip with Internatonal Commission
           Contact Sonia Burnell  at or 916-784-2372

14    2nd Saturday Outreach
        10 AM - 1st Time orientation

19    SRBN Annual Celebration
        7 pm

20-21 Disaster Relief CISM Class in Auburn

21    Piercing the Darkness 
        A faith-fueled summit for those on the frontline
        of empowering and protecting children from
        social injustice and human trafficking
        FREE, at The Artisan 
        Info and registration
        Contact: Chris Stambaugh (916) 952-7880

23      Special Flood Recovery/Mud-Out Disaster Relief Training in Riverside prior to the Annual Meeting

24-25  CSBC Annual Meeting
           Magnolia Church, Riverside, CA
           For More information:
           (Fellowship of Church Musicians’ Conference-Oct. 23-24
            and other meetings at the Annual Meeting as well.  
          Be sure to check out CSBC for details).

28       Wills & Trusts Seminar - Rancho Cordova

7   Minister and Staff Lunch
     12 pm to 1:30 pm, bring your own lunch
     Roseville Baptist Church, 1301 Coloma Way

11    2nd Saturday Outreach
        10 AM - 1st Time orientation

1-2  Disaster Relief Roundtable for Cal Blue Caps
       More details:

5   Minister and Staff Lunch
     12 pm to 1:30 pm, bring your own lunch
     Roseville Baptist Church, 1301 Coloma Way

9   2nd Saturday Outreach
     10 AM - 1st Time orientation

28-30  Ignition Student Conference
          Sacramento Convention Center
          Learn more:

27      Church Music Workshop - North

16-19   Winter Youth Retreat Week 1

17        Clinicas para Escuela Biblica de Vacaciones - San Jose

23-25     Winter Youth Retreat Week 2

24         State VBS Clinic at El Camino Baptist Church
2805 El Camino Ave., Sacramento

24         Clinicas para Escuela Biblica de Vacaciones - Manteca





Beth Moore/You Lead Training

October 5-7
Golden 1 Center

Free Seniors & Caregivers Community Resource Fair

October 11, 9am-1:30pm
St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church
at Dr. Ephraim Williams Family Life Center
4036 14th Avenue, Sacramento

SRBN Youth Leaders Meeting

Friday, October 13, 6 pm
(2nd Friday of each month)
El Camino Baptist Church
2805 El Camino Ave., Sacramento

For more info: Gregory Horton

SRBN Annual Celebration!

SRBN Annual Celebration!
October 19th
Join in the fellowship at 6:30 pm
Celebration starts at 7 pm
Country Oaks Baptist Church
9717 Bond Road, Elk Grove

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