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Serve One Another in Love
February 18, 2020, 12:00 PM

Last week we gathered at El Camino Baptist Church for a special association meeting.  As always, it was a great time to be together, and we voted to pass new by-laws that will make our ministry processes more effective, as well as to honor Bob and Debbie Lewis for their service to our association.  The Lord has been so good to us, and I am looking forward to what He has for us ahead!

That evening, I shared why I was excited to be there with everyone.  It’s because I was with my favorite people in the world—those who love Christ.  There are a lot of people who say they love the Lord, but He Himself tells us what that love looks like.  In the last chapter of John, Jesus asks Peter, “Do you love Me?”  Not once, but three times the Lord asks that question, which got Peter’s attention and should get ours.  And every time Peter responds, Jesus says, “Feed my lambs… take care of all my sheep… feed my sheep.”  What is the Lord is saying?  He saying that if you love Him then you will love His people, you will serve His church.  That love for the Lord is evident in so many people in our association who “serve one another in love” (Galatians 5:13).

One of the most inspiring examples of this I’ve ever heard is not of a well-known pastor or a famous author or a gifted speaker.  No, it’s the example of a man named Jimmy, a man in his sixties who lived alone.  On Sundays he would come to the church building unnoticed, long before anyone else.  He parked his old car in the corner of the parking lot to leave the best places for others.  He unlocked all the doors, he got the bulletins and then waited at the entrance, giving a bulletin and a big smile to those who came for worship.  Because of his weakness Jimmy was robbed and beaten several times.  It was suspected that he lost his voice as the result of one of those beatings.  He had extensive arthritis, which stooped his shoulders and made him unable to turn his neck.  That made unlocking doors and handing out bulletins hard work. But he was always smiling, even though he couldn’t speak a word, which was embarrassing when guests would ask him a question.  But even though he had shortcomings, setbacks, handicaps, and a number of potential excuses, that didn’t stop him.  The Lord’s love filled Jimmy’s life that love overflowed into loving ministry to others.  What a shining testimony!  May this faithful love be true of our lives as well.

Looking forward, 


Pastor Ron Prosis
Director of Ministry, SRBN

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